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Medical Minute — By Dr. Kirk Munsayac

My mom tells a great story of my childhood where I walked into the room with Band-Aids on my belly. When asked why, I told her I had a stomach ache. (my doctoring has improved maybe slightly since…) Bless tiny Dr. Kirk, at the time, he understood medical treatment in a simplistic way, like most folks do: I have a symptom = I take a medicine/put a Band-Aid on it = I get better.
And this is how most medical intervention occurs. We get sick. We take med. We get better. This is called a “REACTIVE” approach. I feel bad. I REACT with taking meds. I get well.
The problem is that there are wonderfully effective medical regimens that are PROACTIVE not REACTIVE, and folks have a hard time understanding this.
Let me illustrate. This time of year, we are blessed with rains and God waters the plants. Naturally, the “Pollen Storm” occurs as soon as the sun shines on this freshly watered Earth. My clinic FILLS with snotty, sniffly, goopy folk, who’s voice sounds like an invisible midget has them in a headlock, pinching their nose. Invariably, they will tell me “I started getting congested, so I took a (allergy medicine of choice) but it not doing anything!”
Here’s the problem – most allergy medicines (I won’t list name brands, as I’m sponsored by no one, but remain happy to accept money…) are PROACTIVE medicines. Not REACTIVE medicines. Allergy meds are not “I get sick, I take med, I get better” meds. They are “I take medicine when I’m WELL, to PREVENT getting sick.” This blows people’s minds! “Why the heck would I take medicine right now? I feel fine.” Because that is how PROACTIVE medicines work. If you know you are a habitual victim of pollen every year, you know exactly when you need to begin taking your allergy meds on a regular basis! Spring. We just got all this rain. Think, my young Padawans. You knew the pollen was coming.
The key to those meds working is to take them BEFORE symptoms and to take them CONSISTENTLY! But no, most folks are taking a medicine that is just as effective as tiny Dr. Kirk putting Band-Aids on his belly. We are REACTING to sickness, with a PROACTIVE medicine. It’s too late!
During this time of year, in what I’m convinced is the Pollen Capital of the World, PLEASE see your primary care folk to get you on the right PROACTIVE allergy medicine. The magic one for one person is nothing to the next, so there is some trial and error there. And again, we can discuss these in person, as I won’t list name brands in my columns. Heck, I’m still waiting on that fat check from the Band-Aid Belly Ache Band-Aids.
Yours in Health and Christ,
Dr. Kirk

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