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Allen To Seek Reelection

Incumbent Larry Allen will file for re-election to the Jeff Davis County Board of Education.
In making his announcement, Allen said, “We’ve made a lot of progress. It’s exciting to see changes happen over time. The board we have works really well together, and I want to continue to be part of a system that works. I have no agenda; I vote my conscience and what is best for students. I just want to do a good job -nthe best I can for our students, faculty and staff, and the community.nThose priorities haven’t changed in my years on the board. I support vocational high school programs because students can leave school with a career. That’s a win/win for the student and the community.
“We have seen gains in closing the achievement gap and raising student test scores. We have seen a lot of growth here, but part of that growth has brought people here with tremendous backgrounds, in education and other fields, with the ability to help kids.
“I’m not an educator, but focusing on the growth and development aspects is my strength, and that helps the board. As a board member, I most enjoy visiting schools and talking to teachers and students about what is and isn’t working, and how we can help make things better.
“I live in Hazlehurst with my wife Helen, retired nurse. We have one child and three grand children. I am a member of the Community League and Seed of Light Complex Church. I retired in July, 2012, after 29 years with the Hazlehurst Police Department. I enjoy serving my community.”

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