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School Board Meets

Board of Education Chairman Roger Ogilvie took a few moments at Monday’s Board meeting to laud the work of Finance Director Betty Corbitt.
Pointing out that auditors found nothing to be concerned about in the latest annual audit, Ogilvie said, “The credit should go to Betty. They brag on us about how we handle our accounting. We always have a good audit and thank you, Betty, for all you do for us.”
During Spotlight on Student Achievement, Primary School Principal Ginger White recognized students with perfect attendance, no tardies and no sign outs since the beginning of school: Logan Futch, Ethan Futch, Wesley Griffin, Mishri Patel, Winnie Chen, Connie Chen, Rylei Branch, Autumn Thompson, Colton Patterson, Joeanna Morris and Jaritza Lara-Sanchez.
Students with the Most Growth on the Multi Grade Diagnostic recognized were kindergarten: Hailey Padgett, Lola Fisher, Rylan Priest and Keylie Hosmer; first grade: Dakota Douglas; second grade: Alayna Efstathiou.
Also recognized was second grader Briley Manning for the Most Growth on Reading Inventory.
The board agreed to put three policies up for public review and approved beginning the bid process for the high school renovation and tennis courts projects.
Following a closed session, the board reopened the meeting to the public and approved a consent agenda with the following items:
• School nutrition director proposed salary scale.
• Accepted the resignations of Jacob Lord and Leland Ready.
• Accepted the retirements of Teresa Ross, Richard Stone and Minnie J. Hall.
• Approved recommendations: Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning Shelly McBride; Director of School Nutrition Alisa Jones; primary school Principal Adam Kirby; middle school social studies teacher George Lucke; elementary school teacher Andrea NeeSmith; elementary paraprofessional Cameo McLendon; high school paraprofessional Zachary White; high school long term substitute Kevin Blayne Willis; school nutrition manager in training Cathy Tanner; and monitor/route drive Joseph Sam McAllister.

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