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Rush Limbaugh — By Tommy Purser

Legitimate newspaper and magazine columnists across the country have offered condolences and prayers for right wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Even honorable left wing opiners are hoping he will successfully battle against the advanced lung cancer he was recently diagnosed with having.

Cancer is a horrible disease that should never be wished on anyone’s worst enemy and is never a cause for celebration when one’s enemy comes into cancer’s cross hairs.

I have read several stories and opinion pieces on Limbaugh’s tragic diagnosis. While I, like most people in legitimate news organizations across the country, disagree with Limbaugh and his devisive rhetoric that has done so much harm to this country, his his being attacked by cancer is no reason to celebrate. I would prefer that his departure from his hate-filled rhetoric would come not from illness, but from people waking up and recognizing Limbaugh for what he really is and, in turn, tuning him out for the betterment of our country.

Unfortunately, while purveyors of legitimate media’s dialogues are by and large taking the high road on this issue, most of those who would repond to the op-ed pieces in the comments sections that follow below, take the usual social media low road that, like Limbaugh and his likes, is doing devisive harm to our country.

So many of those haters, who use Internet anonymity to spew their bile, are the product of Limbaugh’s craft. But spewing hatred in response to comments of support for Limbaugh is shameful, uncalled for.

When will our nation ever grow up and learn to use the Internet as a positive force in our lives rather than as an instrument for spreading hate?

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