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‘Tis The Season — By John Reed

‘Tis The Season
One of my favorite things about this time of year is reconnecting with friends, family, loved ones, acquaintances, former students, and colleagues. Many of these I only get to see or talk to once a year.
As we talk and get caught up, I can’t help but look at how things are going in their lives compared to mine. Some have had good years; some are going through trials. Divorce, addiction, career problems, wayward children…it seems no family is immune to life’s challenges.
And then I look at my own situation, and realize I’ve got it made. Sure, age brings its own “organ recitals” and there are always more debts than assets at the end of the month. But compared to what some folks I know are dealing with, I have no right to complain.
That goes for those in leadership too. Amid the strongest economy this century, some politicians are doomsayers. With tinpot dictators rattling their tiny swords here and there, some here at home are worried even as our military is stronger than ever.
There are always some who only see the glass half empty, cherry-picking presumed faults, unable to even enjoy a few moments of happiness at Christmastime. Some even decry our way of life being inferior. If that were the case, why are millions risking the law and their lives to get here?
This Christmas season, take time to honestly evaluate your life compared to others. Are you really that bad off? If not, help others less fortunate. The Magi shared their frankincense and myrrh. The innkeeper offered a manger. Each according to their own abilities. You can too.
Happy New Year!

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