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Jury returns four indictments

The Jeff Davis County Grand Jury last week returned four indictments dealing with violent acts.
Dennis Domonique Durden was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly cutting a man’s neck with a knife on Sept. 11.
Chistopher Owen Byrne was indicted on charges of criminal damage to property in the first degree and interference with government property. He is alleged to have started a fire in the bathroom of a jail cell in which he and two other inmates were staying at the Jeff Davis County Detention Center on Oct. 15.
Brian Lee Odell was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of obstruction of an officer. He is accused of, on Oct. 24, hitting a victim in the head multiple times with a pistol, and pointing a pistol at three other victims and firing multiple times. When taken into custody, the indictment charges Odell with injuring a police officer’s left hand and kicking the door of a police car towards a deputy and striking him in the arm.
Rodney Gene Deen was indicted on charges of aggravated assault family violence, aggravated assault, and simple battery family violence. He is accused of, on Sept. 19, striking his wife with a broom handle, kicking an elderly man in the back of the head, and striking his wife with his fist on the side of her head.

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