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It was hard coming back to work Monday morning. Our 5-day Thanksgiving holiday reinforced my belief that I would enjoy being retired.

That 5-day break was the longest I’ve had in my 46-plus years as editor-publisher of the Ledger. In some ways I envy people who can have week-long vacations …. or longer.

But so ingrained in my being is lack of long, leisurely breaks from work, when I do get a few days off to travel, I find myself profoundly bored. Wanting to go home. Wanting to attend to my tinkerings around the house and in the yard.

I even long to be back in the office, sitting in front of my computer, and typing out reports on the comings and goings of Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County.

I can’t lounge around soaking up sun on the beach. After all this time, such pleasures are, well, unpleasurable to me. I want to be doing something.

My inability to relax used to frustrate the good wife. These days she just smiles and shakes her head. She long ago realized any effort to get me to kick back and relax would be useless.

She’s learned that lesson well. Which is to say I’ve finally got her trained.

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