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Just Another Day — By John Reed

Just Another Day
Next week, a day will come and go that is considered special in some circles. But in that same 24-hour period:
-86,400 seconds will go by
-The Moon will move 50,000 miles around the Earth
-The Earth will move 1.6 million miles around the sun
-The Solar System will move 30 million miles around the galactic center
-The Milky Way will move 80 millions miles closer to Andromeda
-Five billion non-Christians will go about their business as usual
As we celebrate Christmas, it’s easy to forget not everyone believes as we do. We have enough trouble in our own culture accepting the idea that even among Christians, there’s a wide variety of political, cultural, even moral attitudes. In these polarized times, it’s easy to demonize those who think differently.
It’s harder to try to understand differences. It requires looking past our prejudices, which is scary for many. Staying in our “comfort zone” is what the whole snowflake “triggered” mindset is all about. It takes courage and a certain amount of self-security to listen to other points of view.
I’ll admit to supporting many of the policies, if not the personality traits, of the current president. But I understand those who don’t. Plenty supported the last one who bowed down to our enemies, the one before that who got us deeper into foreign entanglements, or the one who raped an intern in the Oval Office.
One way or another, that will be settled by November. The bigger differences, between churches, races, and cultures, will take longer. But it can be done, simply by not letting any twenty-four period be “just another day.”
Two thousand years ago, a remarkable life of acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness began. Let this Christmas Day be the first day of a similar life for you.

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