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God Plants A Garden — By Tommy Purser

Local attorney Lamar “Buck” Elder has written a book: “God Plants A Garden.” I sat down one evening not long ago and enjoyed reading it. It’s a short read that captures your attention early and holds it firmly.

Buck, as those of us who know him are well aware, has a solid sense of humor and it comes out in his 33-page book. But humor is not his aim. An active and faithful member of Hazlehurst First United Methodist Church, where he has taught both youth and adult Sunday school classes for years, Buck’s book tackles the task of explaining the Creation from a bird’s eye view as it transpired. He imagines — and transfers that imagination into writing — what God may have been thinking as He created the heavens and the earth and all its inhabitants.

Some would view the book as a children’s book but that’s not exactly accurate. Buck described it to me Sunday at church as “an adult children’s book.”

While it’s purely conjecture about what God was thinking during His Creation, the book prods the reader to think about it. And helps the reader understand and better appreciate the work God did in creating this special earth and all who inhabit it.

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