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What Have You Got To Lose? — By John Reed

What Have You Got To Lose?
During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump was famously quoted while among mainly Black voters, “What have you got to lose?” As it turned out, minorities of all stripes lost nothing, and gained quite a bit. Job numbers are at historic highs across the board. His criminal justice reforms have had a hugely proportional impact in the African-American community especially.
All this from the man most media pundits have painted as a racist, misogynist wretch who hates women and minorities. As a result, the president’s support among blacks is up to an astounding … 8%. Oh well, it’s a start.
Those numbers suggest 92% are still comfortable blindly following the same party and ideology that has enslaved them economically and morally for more than a century. The same Democrats that presided over decades of lynchings, Jim Crow, the ruination of many of our cities, and the destruction of the black family fabric. The same folks making the same empty promises of more free stuff. No worries, we’ll just tax all those greedy white folks.
Of course, thanks to recent economic gains, many people now joining the ranks of the middle [and upper] class aren’t white. I’m sure they’ll be plenty happy to see their taxes go up. After decades of being held back by regulations and the victimization mindset peddled by powerbrokers more interested in keeping voters in line than helping families, real progress is being made.
Sure, Trump the man is brash, egocentric, even vulgar at times. But we don’t need a Mr. Nice Guy in Washington these days. We need someone who says what he means, and then goes out and does it. His opponents claim to represent minorities; indeed one candidate is Asian, one is gay, one is Hispanic, several are women, one even claims [falsely] to be American Indian. None are black.
Which brings me back to the headline: what have you got to lose? Four more years of economic growth and increasingly fair criminal justice…or empty promises of free this, free that, all while crippling the business community with ever more regulation? Seems like an easy choice.

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