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Hazlehurst 2030 — By John Reed

Hazlehurst 2030
I’ve mentioned before that next year will mark our 150th anniversary. There was a big hoopla in 1995 for the “Cen-Silver” 125th, but very little seems to be planned for this next milestone. Since there’s less interest in the past, let’s look at some potential headlines from the next decade.
2021: The Weatherly Park Jousters win the SEGA LARPers tournament.
2022: The first Tesla fully electric vehicle comes to town.
2023: Googe’s installs the first electric charging station, followed within six months by Walmart.
2024: Community garden yields over a ton of vegetables and fruit.
2025: Local power grid 25% supplemented by solar.
2026: Print newspaper folds, online format only.
2027: County and city governments merge.
2028: Former mayor comes out of retirement, runs for county executive.
2029: Sidewalk completed on Bell Telephone Road from McDaniel Road to town.
2030: Solar panel acreage exceeds crop acreage.
What’s your wish list for the next decade? Many of our institutions are in transition right now, from schools to industry to energy to agriculture. What should happen? What will happen? Share!

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