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We Must Support Each Other

Take a good look at this week’s paper.

It won’t take you long because it’s only eight pages.

The number of pages we have in the Ledger each week is determined by how much advertising revenue we have. When we have lots of ads, we have lots of pages. When the ads are few, the pages are few.

As I said in this space once before, too many merchants would rather advertise on Facebook than support this newspaper.

Facebook is hurting my business just like people who go out of town to shop rather than shop at home hurt our local merchants.

People who would rather buy goods on Amazon than support local merchants hurt our community. If we don’t support each other, we all lose.

And think about this: Amazon is not going to help sponsor a local youth league team, Amazon won’t buy tickets for local fund raiser raffles, Amazon won’t purchase a ticket for a grilled chicken plate dinner fund-raiser, Amazon doesn’t put money in the offering plates at local churches, Amazon doesn’t throw money into a boot at fire department Boot Drives, Amazon doesn’t purchase an ad each year in the Sheriff’s Department calendar fund raiser.

Oh, and Amazon is not going to put the photographs of your children in the local newspaper, report on our children’s sports activities, report on government meetings, or JDREA events, or improvements to our city, or whose running for office and other election information, or that two local 4-year-old murders produced indictments, or who among us has passed away, or report on the academic achievements of our children who have gone off to college and are making us all proud.

All of that is in this week’s edition of the Ledger.

Well, not all of it. The academic achievement stories were left out. With only eight pages, I didn’t have enough room. Hopefully, next week will be better.

There, vent over.

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