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Following The Rules — By John Reed

Following The Rules
Last week was the first day of classes for many schools around the state. One school nearby had a real furball on their hands, as they implemented a new dress code. Naturally, despite an entire summer of newspaper articles, reminders on social media, and letters home, more than a hundred students were sent home to change clothes on the first day of school.
Just as naturally, the parents expressed their frustration: not at their children but at the school. How dare they enforce the rules!
Rules and laws are the lubricant that allow people to live and work together. Even before there were towns, I imagine early cavemen had set ways for their extended families to coexist.
Today, families have rules like “no video games at the dinner table.” Neighborhoods and towns might have regulations about where to park or when to set out the trash for pickup. On a larger scale, nations have laws that govern how society works.
Of course there’s always the debate about good laws and bad laws, as well as how strictly enforced those laws are observed. And that’s the root of most of the political conflict we see today.
Our laws dealing with illegal immigration have been on the books for years. The Obama administration actually deported more people than Trump’s, but no Democrat will admit that. Now all we hear is “how dare they enforce the law!”
I do understand the plight of those hoping to come here for a better life. After all, that was the motivation behind Jamestown in 1607 and Plymouth in 1620. But every generation before this one did it the right way, following the rules. Now suddenly it’s ok for just everyone walk or swim or ride across the border. And every Democrat and most of the media sees no problem with it.
Guess they’d send their kids to school naked.

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