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Kersey Will Keep Funds For Collecting City Taxes

Georgia law makes it possible for county tax commissioners to enter into contractual agreements to collect taxes for municipalities in their counties. And receive personal payments for the service.
Last year, like in most Georgia counties, the Jeff Davis County Tax Commissioner has collected the City of Hazlehurst’s taxes and the payments for the service went to the county coffers, not to the tax commissioner personally.
But, according to an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, that’s about to change.
The article included a map of Georgia which located the 48 counties in which tax commissioners pocket the money paid by cities to collect municipal taxes. Jeff Davis County is highlighted as the only county in Georgia in which the tax commissioner is about to implement a change and have the money go directly to the tax commissioner.
Jeff Davis Tax Commissioner Susie Kersey said the reason for the planned change was that collecting the City of Hazlehurst’s taxes was more work on her office. She has until June 30 to decide whether or not to go forward with the plan.
Kersey said the City of Hazlehurst pays the county $6,000-$6,500 for collecting its taxes. That money will go to Kersey if she follows through with the plan.
While 48 — soon to be 49 — tax commissioners in Georgia keep the fees, that is not allowed in any of Georgia’s surrounding states as all money goes into county coffers.

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