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There’s A Mouse In Our House — By John Reed

There’s A Mouse In Our House
So Disney and others want to show their displeasure with Georgia’s abortion stance by moving their film productions elsewhere. I haven’t seen such hypocrisy since I last heard the words “civil rights“ out of the mouth of a Democrat.
Even a quick perusal of shooting locations that Disney has used in past years turns up many other places in the world with far worse human rights records. Not to mention their billion dollar theme park in China, which has arguably the worst record for female infanticide in the entire world. So the company that claims to be family-friendly objects to Georgia trying to save lives, has no problem working in countries that routinely take them? Talk to the hand…
Of course the larger issue is abortion, the most polarizing issue in our country over the last four decades. My opinion of the subject is my own and not for publication. The procedure has been legal for 40 years, and that’s unlikely to change despite recent efforts to hold it in check.
Both sides make compelling arguments: women certainly should have a say in what they do with their own bodies, but at what point does ending a pregnancy become murder? Modern medical science continues to outstrip our ethical systems as they allow for earlier and earlier survival rates outside of the womb.
Should men even be involved in those decisions? Even though it’s not as crucial an issue, I’m not sure I would want women alone deciding the issue of male circumcision.
Regardless of your position on the issue, I think most people would agree that women need to have as many choices as possible. Better adoption options, better neonatal care, and better education about contraception are all factors that would reduce the abortion rate.
One of the biggest things that affect the decision making process is financial. Studies show that unintended pregnancies occur far more often with lower income women. Here is a thought: improve the job prospects and overall money situation for this demographic, and abortions will probably drop.
To Disney’s hypocrisy let us add irony: by pulling their production business out of Georgia, they will leave many people without jobs. Many of those will be women who will face a higher likelihood of having an abortion. That means in 10 years, there will be fewer customers for Disney World.
It’s a small world after all.

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