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Be respectful, for heaven’s sake — By Tommy Purser

Our great state, along with Alabama and a number of other states, is being beat up across the country because of the recently enacted “Heartbeat Bill.”
That name, by the way, is misleading because, at six weeks, while a doctor can detect a “beat” it is not the beat of a “heart.” At six weeks, the heart has not yet been formed. The embryo has no face, no heart, no brain —— just a bunch of cells, some of which have begun pulsating. These cells may or may not become a heart, but the pulsation heard by a doctor can’t be a heartbeat because there is no heart.
And, as I’ve said here before, if a developing embryo is, indeed, a human being, then why in God’s name would anyone who truly believes that abortion is murder make exceptions in the case of incest or rape, which the Georgia law does? Apparently, our legislators think murder is okay in certain cases.
Here’s the thing: Supposedly pro-life politicians support the exceptions for race and incest because they poll well. But if your stand on abortion is based on a deep moral conviction, polling should have nothing to do with it.
The fact is, that stand on abortion is based on pleasing cronies and voters, not on a deep moral conviction.
Besides, making abortion illegal doesn’t stop abortion. It, in fact, stops safe abortions in favor of abortions that endanger the lives of women.
My thoughts are not meant, in any way, to support abortion. They are merely meant to point out the lack of deep, reasonable thought on the legislation that has so much of the country embroiled in controversy.
Rather than lashing out at those who disagree with one’s opinions — whether pro- or anti- abortion —— why not make an attempt to understand each other’s opinions.
No matter which side of the argument you’re on, the other side’s opinion has merit. Be respectful, for heaven’s sake.

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