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Bloodworth to Run Again

John Bloodworth this week announced his intention to see re-election to the Hazlehurst City Council’s Ward 4 commission seat.
In making his announcement, Bloodworth said:
“I am an advocate for the interests of the people. I have fought for the people’s interests and will continue that fight for the people.
“My voting record speaks for itself. In any given matter that arises before the council, I consider the matter with sound conscience and vote for what is just and fair.
“I am a reasonable minded and fair person. When people call, I take appropriate action to satisfy their need.
“The only agenda I have before the council is what’s best for the City of Hazlehurst and the citizens.
“I believe the council to be accountable to the citizens. I have proven that the interests of the people are my main concern.
“It is my goal to help our city achieve growth and to always be a voice for the people.
“I ask for your continued support and please vote to re-elect John M. Bloodworth for Ward 4 City Commissioner.
“Thank you and may God bless you all and the City of Hazlehurst.”

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