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Spend Your Tax Refund At Home

April 15 has come and gone and with it the tax season. Many have received tax refunds and are contemplating what to do with the proceeds.
One opportunity can take that refund from the past year and provide great benefits for the future. Donate the refund to Jeff Davis Hospital through the Georgia Heart Rural Hospital Tax Credit Program. The donation will go towards community healthcare needs in Hazlehurst to provide new services and resources that may directly impact the health of your neighbors, family, friends or even personally.
Another great benefit of the donation is that the gift is 100% tax credited on your 2019 Georgia tax return to be filed next year.
For example, if an individual has a tax liability of $3,000 this year and donates $3,000 this year to the local hospital, when the Georgia tax return is filed early next year a tax credit of $3,000 will be taken off the owed taxes or would increase the refund by $3,000.
Individuals can donate up to their Georgia tax liability with a cap of $5,000 if filing single or $10,000 if married filing jointly.
What other uses of a refund can help others, provide recognition as a donor and be able to provide the entire amount back to the donor?
Want more information on how to take advantage of this great opportunity? Call Barry Bloom at 912-699-7257 or contact him a

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