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LaRiccia Confronts Activist

State Rep. Dominic LaRiccia of Douglas, who represents a portion of Jeff Davis County in the Georgia House of Representatives, made Fox Cable News Network last week for his confrontation with Women’s Rights Activist and actress Alyssa Milano in the State Capitol last week.
Ms. Milano was delivering to Governor Brian Kemp’s office a letter, signed by over 40 actors, urging the governor not to sign House Bill 481, also known as “The Heartbeat Bill,” which prohibits abortions by a doctor if he can detect a heartbeat, normally within six weeks of pregnancy.
She was accompanied by 30 members of the local film and television industry.
In a telephone call last week asking that the Ledger cover the incident, Rep. LaRiccia said he was “sick and tired of people from out of state coming here and telling us how to run Georgia government.”
Following is the exchange between Rep. LaRiccia and Ms. Milano:
LaRiccia: What district of Georgia do you vote in?
Milano: I work in Georgia.
LaRiccia: Do you vote in Georgia?
Milano: I don’t vote in Georgia, but there is –
LaRiccia: I was wondering what district you were from.
Milano: – there’s 30 people outside that do vote in Georgia that I was going to escort in –
LaRiccia: But you don’t vote in Georgia?
Milano: Excuse me, don’t interrupt me….that I was going to escort in, that they wouldn’t let me escort in. If you’d like I could bring
LaRiccia: so that’s a “no,” you don’t vote in Georgia?
Milano: No, but the people that work on my crews, the 90,000 people that the entertainment industry actually employs do. Thank you. What’s your name?
LaRiccia: Dominic LaRiccia.
Milano: Pleasure to meet you, Dominic, my name is Alyssa.
*shake hands*
LaRiccia: So district one … nothing?
Milano: I just answered your question.
Kemp staffer: I’ll be happy to deliver this.
Milano to the crowd: These are the men that are voting on what is going on inside my uterus. This guy right here. This guy.
Milano to Kemp staffer: Thank you, so much.
Milano to LaRiccia: Have a great day.
Videographer at end to LaRiccia: You know the Koch brothers don’t live here either.

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