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Memory (or lack of)

Last week, I talked about hearing loss. This week, let’s tackle memory.

The good wife went out of town last week so I went to the JDHS baseball games by myself Thursday in Hazlehurst and Friday in Lyons. We got ready to go to yesterday’s  (Tuesday’s) game in Hazlehurst and she asks me, “Where’s your chair?”

I say, “I guess it’s in the truck.”

She goes to the truck, comes back and says, “It’s not there.”

“It must be in your car,” I replied.

She goes to the car, comes back and says, “It’s not there. Did you leave my chair in Lyons?”

After a long cold stare, I go into my begging mode. “I really don’t remember,” I say.

She and my youngest offspring went to the field yesterdayto set out the chairs early and came back with smug grins on their faces.

“We found your chair,” says Anna.

“Where was it?”

“At the ball field.”

When I get to the game, Kay says, “I found my chair. The Leggetts brought it back from Lyons.”

So I forgot to get my chair Thursday in Hazlehurst and her chair Friday in Lyons.

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