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Nobody’s Perfect — By John Reed

Nobody’s Perfect
I’ve written here before that those who follow scripture must accept the fact that mankind is imperfect. We lost whatever perfection we may have had in the garden of Eden. And so it follows that all human endeavor and institutions are also far from perfect.
There are no perfect political systems, and certainly no perfect politicians. It’s simultaneously hilarious and pitiful to watch as various pundits point out their opponents’ imperfections while ignoring their own.
Even churches are not immune. This past weekend, I watched first hand as a church struggled publicly with some difficult staff changes. Many points were brought up pro and con, and yet whenever I heard “for the good of the church“ it was clear that personal agendas also came into play.
Nowhere are personal agendas more obvious than in Washington. If Trump said the sun rose in the east, the Democrats would come out with a Westward Dawn proclamation. Many of the issues they were in favor of only two or three years ago are now completely off the table.
My first wife did a very good job of reminding me of my own imperfections. Number Two has spent the better part of 25 years on an “ego reclamation project.” Some would say she has been too successful…
Every teacher knows the quickest way to remain humble is to stand in front of a classroom full of kids. Maybe if we required every congressman and senator to teach a lesson to fifth graders before they qualify for candidacy…
Only once we admit to ourselves that we are not perfect can we come to terms with the imperfection of others.

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