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Smart Phones Carry Bacteria — By Dr. Kirk Munsayac

A recent study found that the average public toilet seat had 1700 bacteria per square inch on it. Not exactly something you’d eat off of (and a great reason why you ladies have invented a gravity-defying “hover” method that us guys will never master).
Please pause and read this next sentence, I need your full attention: Scientists at the Univ of Arizona recently found that the average American carries around a SMART PHONE with TEN TIMES that many bacteria on it!
Smart phones only come in second place to “dish rags” as being the dirtiest thing we encounter on a daily basis.
Some of you are now asking “How can this be? I’m clean. I wash my hands all the time.” Well, how often do you wash your smart phone screen? You may wash the germs off your fingers, but guess where those fingers go right back to…..yep, that smart phone you never clean. Germs right back on your fingers.
“Wow, Dr. Kirk. Can ruin my lunch even further?” Yes, I can! Glad you asked.
A recent study in Britain found that the leading cause of “pink eye” (which is caused by fecal material getting in your eyes – yes, POOP) is suspected as being from folks playing on their smart phone while going to the bathroom! Heck, some of you are reading these words on the toilet right now!
The solution is simple. They make cleaner and cloths for screens available at all smart phone stores, or you can even use the same cleaners used for eyeglasses. Or simply use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. But please find some frequency to cleaning your devices. That ipad that you use to keep your kids happy? They may as well be playing with a used dish rag.
Our world is filled with germs, y’all. Some harmless, some helpful and some that can make us super sick. And while us doctors will still toot the trumpet for hand washing as the best method for keeping you well, I never imagined a day that I’d have to ask a patient “Did you just Tweet on the toilet?”
Clean those screens!
Yours in Christ and Health,
Dr. Kirk

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