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News Not Fit To Print — By Tommy Purser

I found a wealth of information about the holidays for inclusion in this week’s edition of the paper.

But many of the articles, in my opinion, were not fit to print in this newspaper.

Those articles dealt with Black Friday sales and how to take advantage of the day in malls while you do your Christmas shopping.

My little newspaper is not supported in any form or fashion by malls. Nor is Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County.

By the same token, Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County are not supported by Amazon and other online retailers.

On the contrary, many people in Jeff Davis County support the malls and online retailers while ignoring their friends and neighbors who operate businesses in Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County. And those businesses have lots to offer in the way of reasonably priced, quality merchandise to be purchased for holiday gifts.

Those merchants are the ones that support our community, pay local taxes, purchase business licenses, support our schools, support our churches, support our children …. you get my drift.

And when you purchase locally, you are not only helping support those local businesses but you’re also paying sales taxes that stays in Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County and help operate our local governments — city, county and schools.

So consider spending some money on yourself and your community this holiday season.

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