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Wound Center Opens

Let the healing begin! Jeff Davis Hospital Wound Care Center is offering relief from problem wounds to the residents of Jeff Davis County and the surrounding areas.
A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Friday morning at the center which is located on the back side of the hospital.
There is no need to suffer from wounds that won’t heal due to circulation, diabetes, infection, trauma, or inflammation. The proven science and cutting edge techniques are available now to prevent amputations and improve quality of life. There is hope for even the most difficult wounds using hyperbaric oxygen therapy which is a painless and noninvasive treatment that delivers the natural healing qualities of 100% oxygen under pressure. The additional oxygen provided by the therapy helps the body fight infection and promotes formation of healthy tissue. Jeff Davis Hospital Wound Care Center provides two of the largest single occupancy hyperbaric chamber equipment in the industry which offers a comfortable and caring treatment. A skilled physician and hyperbaric technologist supervise and monitor the entire therapy while the patient relaxes and enjoys watching their favorite movie or program on TV. Jeff Davis Hospital Wound Care Center has selected a team of professionals trained in wound care that use advanced therapies such as growth factors, living tissue, negative pressure, and hyperbaric oxygen. Physician specialists personalize a plan of care that promotes the quickest path to healing. These experts will take the time to guide and instruct the patient, their family, and their caregivers on appointment responsibilities, and post treatment care. While patients are treated by the Wound Care Center, they remain under the supervision of their primary care physicians who receive detailed progress reports and communications keeping them involved at every opportunity. Medicare/Medicaid, most HMOs, and other private insurance companies cover nearly all of the treatments. Jeff Davis Hospital Wound Care Center treats a multitude of wounds including: • Diabetic Ulcers • Infected Wounds/Bites/Lacerations • Arterial Ulcers • Burn Wounds • Cellulitis • Failed Grafts • Malignant Wounds • Osteomyelitis • Pressure Ulcers • Soft Tissue Necrosis • Non-healing Surgical Wounds • Traumatic Wounds • Vasculitis • Venous Ulcers • Pressure Ulcers • Radiation Treatment Wounds • Crush Injuries To start the healing process, patients with chronic wounds should ask their primary care physician for a referral to Jeff Davis Hospital Wound Care Center or contact the hospital directly: Wound Care Center

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