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Avoid These Homes During Halloween

The Jeff Davis County Sheriff’s Department issued a warning to the public that a number of people in Jeff Davis County are prohibited by law from participating in any activities where minors congregate, including trick-or-treat activities. All the people on the sex offender registry have been contacted and informed of their restrictions.
The department listed the following names and addresses of the Jeff Davis County registered sex offenders:
William Douglas Adams, 1589 Burkett’s Ferry Road.
George Thomas Andrews, 98 Ed Ray Road.
Ronald Baisden, 125 N. Williams Street.
Millard Alton Baker, 1158 Bell Telephone Road.
Zabra Deron Bennett, 44 Dalton Rd., Lot 2.
Johnny Marvin Brantley, 53 Currie Street.
Doug Gary Braswell, 89 North Gill Street.
Joseph Alan Brewer Jr., 6 Dykes Farm Road.
Danny Lee Calhoun, 547 Lumber City Highway.
James H. Canty, 25 Douglas Street.
James Calvin Chavis, 87 Walton Way.
Michael Glenn Chavis, incarcerated.
Alfonza Denning, 37 E. Tennessee Ave., Denton
Jervone Darnell Eason, 17 John Long Road.
Joshua Allen Eason, 8 Dykes Farm Road.
Stanley Edwards, 21 Willow Street.
Troy Oscar Evans, 27 Denton Street.
Robert Martin Feller, 89 Buford Road.
David Dence Floyd, 62 John Long Road.
Arnold Ray Gilbreth, 164 Luther Turner Road.
Jose A. Gomez, 71 Valley Lane
Kenneth Storm Griffin, 312 John Wilson Road.
John Thomas Hoffpauir, 96 Talmadge Dyal Road.
Brian Edward Horton, 326 Alma Highway.
Donald Clayton Long, 39 East 1st Avenue.
Elifelehu Lopez, 10 April Road.
Keith Lott, 77 Jackson Circle.
Brittany Roxanne Marsh, 6 Feller Road.
David Joseph Moore, 682 Bell Telephone Road.
Jeffery Dean Moore, 457 Lumber City Highway.
Robert Edmar Morrison, 106 Sandy Ford Lane.
James Carl Pate, 55 Pineview Lane.
Wallace J. Poole Jr., 129 Tompkins Road.
Benjamin James Raines, 20 Butler Road.
Albert Jackson Rowell, 103 Kermit Carter Road.
Larry James Smith, 14 W. Plum Street.
Allen Kermit Stone, 27 Tyler Lane.
Stanley Lamar Strickland, 54 Pine Ridge Road.
Tiffany Strickland, 25 Creamer Road.
James Michael Teems, 94 Tallahassee Church Road.
Anthony Dewayne Thompson, 21 Martin Luther King Street, Denton.
Cody Allen Thompson, 1276 Alma Highway.
Kenneth Marvin Tillis, 47 Loop Road, Denton.
Christopher Walls, 12 Dan Thigpen Road.
Robert Edwards Williams, 56 Cook Road, Lot 42.
Joseph Walter Woodard, 2448 Douglas Highway, Denton.
Christopher Hebron Yawn, 122 Yawn Farm Lane.

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