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Almost 2,100 Jeff Davis Voters Cast Ballots Early

Early voting has proven to be extremely popular in Jeff Davis County this year, as it has statewide, as the Georgia race for governor has attracted keen interest, not only in the state but across the nation.
The race, which numerous polls have suggested is a toss-up, is between Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp and former minority leader of the State House of Representatives Democrat Stacey Abrams.
Libertarian candidate Ted Metz hopes to garner enough votes to force the race between Kemp and Abrams into a runoff.
Through Tuesday at 5 p.m., 2,079 Jeff Davis County voters had cast their ballots early, far more than at any time in the past.
Through last Thursday, 944,426 people had voted in Georgia – that’s almost three times as many ballots cast as at the same point in the last midterm elections in 2014.
Early voting continues at the courthouse through this Friday with the election set for Nov. 6 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at county polling places.
While the Governor’s race has attracted most of the attention, there are other races on the ballot, including one race in Jeff Davis County — the race between Republican incumbent Brad Crews and Democrat Joe Toler for the Whitehead District Seat on the Jeff Davis County Board of Commissioners.
Other races include:
Lieutenant Governor: Democrat Sarah Riggs Amico and Republican Geoff Duncan.
Secretary of State: Republican Brad Raffensberger, Democrat John Barrow and Libertarian Smythe Duval.
Attorney General: Republican incumbent Chris Carr and Democrat Charlie Bailey.
Insurance Commissioner: Republican Jim Beck, Democrat Janice Laws and Libertarian Donnie Foster.
Agriculture Commissioner: Republican incumbent Gary Black and Democrat Fred Swann.
Labor Commissioner: Republican incumbent Mark Butler and Democrat Richard Keatley.
State School Superintendent: Republican incumbent Richard Woods faces Democrat Otha Thornton Jr.
Public Service Commission: Two seats are on the ballot. Republican Chuck Eaton, Democrat Lindy Miller and Libertarian Ryan Graham are in the first race. Republican Tricia Pridemore, Democrat Dawn Randolph and Libertarian John Turpish are in the second. Eaton and Pridemore are incumbents.
Georgia Legislature: All state House and state Senate seats are on the ballot. Locally, incumbent Senator Blake Tillery, and incumbent Representatives Jimmy Pruett, Dominic Lariccia and Greg Morris are all unopposed.
Also on the ballot will be four Constitutional Amendments and two Statewide Referendums. For information on each, see the legal pages.

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