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Yuri Lopez Shares Her Story

Yuri Lopez was born in Honduras. As a young child, she was separated from her family including her twin sister. Her entire childhood was spent in different orphanages.
One day, the children in the orphanage were told to line up by age. Each child was given a shoe box with small gifts inside. Yuri was so happy because she had a brand new tooth brush in her box. Until then, she had to share a tooth brush with 25 other children. Now, she had one all by herself.
But more than the tooth brush, she loved the simple letter that was in her box. It was a piece of brown construction paper with “God loves you” on one side and “So do I” on the back. It was this letter that gave Yuri the encouragement and assurance that she needed to begin thinking about God. She began to realize that God really loved her and wanted to help her.
Yuri now lives in the USA and works with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She hopes one day to reconnect with her twin sister. Yuri enjoys telling her story and her story is a great inspiration to anyone who hears it. The amazement of how something as small as a shoebox could change a life!
David and Gail Miller of Because He Lives Ministries urge individuals, churches and groups to join millions of others in packing shoe boxes. For more information on participating in Operation Christmas Child, call 912-375-0308 or 912-253-0100 or visit Because He Lives Ministries is the central drop off center for shoe boxes in our area.

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