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Meeting Slated To Address Downtown Area

A meeting is planned to discuss development in downtown Hazlehurst Sept. 13 at 11:30 a.m.
Those interested in future planning for downtown Hazlehurst are invited, especially business owners, property owners and investors located in downtown.
JoAnne Lewis, who started the Main Street program in Douglas, and currently serves on the Douglas Downtown Development Authority, will be the guest speaker.
The meeting will be held at Hazlehurst Golf Course.Lunch will be provided. RSVP to Andrea Taylor, CEO of the Joint Development Authority of Jeff Davis County, Hazlehurst and Denton, by calling 912.327.0830 or email

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  1. Beverly Miller on September 1, 2018 at 9:22 am

    I’m pleased to see the theater re-open for the youth in Hazlehurst. There has been nothing but sports for them for years. Not all families have the means to allow for the fees to joun the teams.
    Maybe a $2.00 day offering utilizing some older releases could be considered for the families of the limited income families. This would generate revenue on the slower attendance days & give these kids the opportunity to enjoy going to a movie, whereas at the normal daily ticket price would be out of reach for parents/grandparents.
    Where I’m living, during school break, each day offering an older release movie favorite at this reduced price promotes revenue & lets the underprivileged kids a chance to attend too. They schedules these prior to the regular show times of the new release movies.

    All are concerned with the drug issue in the area, give these kids something to look forward to other than wasting their youth leading to more crime, drugs & disease. Hazlehurst & Alma has become pitiful drug havens!

    Food for thought; a skate board park or a go cart track would offer some fun & provide profit and city revenue. Spann park has the space for a skate park with tables for the kids to hang out. Even a vendor with drinks/snacks during peak hours would turn a profit and provide the youth diversions from the drugs encouraging them to be untroubled misdirected kids.

    Investors & those who complain about the kids of present times could create a win/win scenario. The overhead would not be great & some of these kids could be offered job opportunities.

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