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Reactions — By John Reed

Actions and reactions. Isaac Newton wrote the law. It applies to other areas besides just physics. Here are some examples.
Action: Several well-meaning but economically naive cities have forced businesses to raise their minimum wage. Reaction: fewer jobs, more expensive products.
Action: Entire police departments penalized for the actions of a few bad apples. Reaction: patrolmen less willing to engage with suspicious situations, resulting in spikes in violent crime and murder.
Action: yet another CEO of a certain race is heard using a racial slur, arguably when tricked into using it. Reaction: he loses his company and the stadium with his name in it. Action: members of a different use the same word time after time, day after day, in public and social media. Reaction: crickets chirping.
Action: Bill Clinton manages to undo respect for the presidency that folks like FDR and JFK actually gave their lives to construct. Reaction: presidents from each party ever since have faced ever-increasing ridicule from their opponents. The personal nastiness that we see today bodes poorly for whoever is next in office.
The old saying about throwing out the baby with bath water comes to mind. Anytime there is some perceived misdeed, the reaction is so over the top in broad strokes it just creates more problems. Cooler heads need to look at specific fixes for specific issues.

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