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Coastal Plains Education Charter High School Opens Here

Coastal Plains Education Charter High School is set to officially open in Hazlehurst with open house on Aug. 9 from 5-p.m. in the Jeff Davis Choices Learning Academy at Jeff Davis Pre-K Building. Classes begin the week of Aug. 13 to be held nightly Monday-Thursday from 4-9 p.m. in the Jeff Davis Choices Learning Academy building at 96 West Jefferson Street, Hazlehurst.
Coastal Plains Charter High Schools operate campuses in Candler, Glynn, Long, Lowndes, Toombs, Jeff Davis, and Wayne counties and are in the process of adding sites in Camden, Liberty, and Screven counties.
Coastal Plains is a public charter high school with a statewide attendance zone, meaning any Georgia student age 14 to 20 may attend tuition free. Students who complete the necessary classwork earn an accredited Georgia High School Diploma.
Coastal Plains is a second-chance high school, designed to meet the needs of a variety of students. For some students, traditional high school classes are not a good fit. Some students have full-time jobs. Others must balance school with caring for a child. Still others gave up on school at some point, but now see the value of obtaining a high school diploma.
To help students succeed, Coastal Plains offers numerous advantages. The school uses a blended classroom. Here, a student works at his or her own pace on the computer with a certified teacher in the classroom. The classrooms have a maximum 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio, much lower than a traditional classroom. The smaller classes allow more individual attention. Attendance is flexible, allowing students to come to classes at a time that works for them. Classes are run year-round, so students can enroll anytime throughout the year.
Coastal Plains provides students a tremendously strong support system. Students are paired with a mentor, a counselor, a graduation coach and, if needed, a tutor. These professionals help ensure each student stays on track and has the support needed.
Coastal Plains Education Charter High School campuses are designed not to compete with local schools, but to complement them. Each of the school boards in the counties where Coastal Plains sites are located has entered into a partnership with the school, and the superintendents of each school system will serve on the Coastal Plains governance board.
For more information, contact Carol Morris, Dr. Christy Burch-Stapleton, Site Directors or Leigh Spivey, Registrar at (912)538-3254.
Students wishing to pre-enroll, may visit the Coastal Plains website: and follow the links.

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