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Standing For Principles

I haven’t seen the video that was shown on the Monday night news programs.
It came on the TV in our home twice and as soon as I heard the heartbreaking wailing of young children, I changed the channel.
“I can’t watch that,” I told the good wife.
Every time I see the unAmerican tragedy unfolding on our country’s southern border, I think of my 4-year-old grandson, his mother, and his grandmother. I love all three of them deeply and it would destroy me to know that they would have to endure the pain that families fleeing the hell they live in in central America are enduring today.
While Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the adults in this drama are breaking the law, he has to know that’s not true in all cases. Yes, there are people who are breaking the law. But there is no law against seeking asylum in this country. That’s what many of them are doing —— legally, properly. But, still, their children are taken from them just like those that are breaking the law.
And even those that are breaking the law can be handled more humanely.
Polls indicate that a majority of Americans oppose the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy. And, faced with the poll number, even some Republican lawmakers, who have been unwavering in their support for our President, are now hypocritically deciding to turn against their revered leader.
Rep. Steve Stivers (Ohio) called on the administration to change its policy and “stop needlessly separating children from their families.”
Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) said: “It’s time for this ugly and inhumane practice to end. Now.” He added, “It’s never acceptable to use kids as bargaining chips in political process.”
And Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), one of the few Republicans with the backbone to stand up to Trump, tweeted: “The administration’s current family separation policy is an affront to the decency of the American people, and contrary to principles and values upon which our nation was founded. The administration has the power to rescind this policy. It should do so now.”
Contrast those remarks with what Georgia’s two Republican gubernatorial candidates are saying. Knowing the strong support across the state for Trump, neither criticized the Trump administration’s policy:
Casey Cagle: Today’s heartbreaking stories result from years of failed policies that have encouraged uncontrolled immigration into our country. Congress must act to build the wall, protect our national security and fix our broken immigration system.
Brian Kemp: I unapologetically stand with President Trump and support his efforts to secure the border, crush MS-13, and keep our families safe from criminal aliens.
Two polls on the issue were released Monday. One showed 28 percent of Americans approving of the policy and 67 percent disapproving. The other showed a 27 percent/66 percent margin.
I suspect this column won’t sit well with a lot of people in Jeff Davis County — over 80% of voters here favored Trump in 2016.
But I stand with the majority of all Americans who believe in the principles that made this nation great, and will continue to make this nation great once this nightmare is over.

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  1. Jim Howard on June 21, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    Trump is all about TRUMP . The tribal nature of our politics has the potential to threaten our country more than illegal immigration.

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