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Baseball Playoff Venues Were Inadequate

So far this year in the baseball playoffs, the Yellow Jackets have played in four ball parks. By far, the Jackets’ home stadium is the best.

It seems little thought was given to parking arrangements at Westside High School. Not only was the walk to and from the field from the small parking area long, there was a steep hill to climb after the game.

As I left between games, an elderly lady was walking in front of me and by the time she got to the top of that steep hill, she had to put down her purse, lean on a car, and take deep breaths before she could continue. I walked her to the parking lot to make sure she was okay.

At Elbert County, the locals took up just about all the seats —- and there weren’t many —- and most Jeff Davis fans were forced to sit along the right field line far from the action.

And at Berrien County, probably 30% of the fans had to stand as there were few seats in the stadium. And black covering along the fence around the field made viewing a challenge. What a mess.

And Paul Glass makes sure that the grass on the Jackets field is among the best in the state. It certainly made the grass in Augusta, Elberton and Nashville look awful.

Plus, in Hazlehurst we have lots of seating, all of which are covered protecting fans from the scorching sun and the rain. Watching JD home games is a pleasure.

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