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Zombie Run in Baxley

Tri-County CASA will host its first Zombie Run May 12 at Doyle’s Obstacle Course in Baxley. The event is open to ages 12 and up. Tickets are on sale and those who sign up before April 20 will receive a free Zombie Run T-shirt.
CASA is selling two types of tickets: zombie and runner. Runners will be provided a flag football belt and must attempt to make it through a 5k run filled with obstacles and hordes of zombies, while keeping at least one of their flags. Zombies will be tasked with “infecting” runners by stealing as many flags possible. At the end of the race, runners who successfully complete the course and zombies who manage to steal flags will be entered into a drawing to win a prize.
Zombie tickets are $20 and runner tickets are $25. There are a limited number of each available. Proceeds go to Tri-County CASA. Those interested can contact CASA at (912) 367-0064 or send a message on Facebook @TriCountyCASAInc for tickets and/or answers to questions.

May-12-18 12:00 pm - May-12-18 5:00 pm