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Griffin Lotson speaks at JD Library

Griffin Lotson will speak at the Jeff Davis Library July 18.

Business meeting starts at 6:30 p.m., Author Lotson at 7.
Lotson will give a presentation of the “Gullah Geechee” Ring Shout.
Everyone is invited to hear the enjoyable sounds of Gullah Geechee ring shout.
Lotson serves as Federal Government Commission Vice Chairman, of the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor Commission. He is chief executive officer of a leading non-profit Sams Memorial Community Economic Development, Inc. He has over 40 years of service and traveled the world for over four decades. He serves Darien, Georgia, the U.S. and West Africa as a historian and organizer.
Lotson was chief choreographer for the Roots movie series, and choreographed the Gulla Geechee Ring Shout in the 2017 Roots movie.
He is manager of the internationally acclaimed Geechee Gullah Ring Shouters. He is currently working with the Library of Congress as lead consultant and historian for the famous Kumbaya song and phrase.

Jul-18-19 6:30 pm - Jul-18-19 8:00 pm