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Friends of the Library Meeting

“The Appalachian Trail has intrigued me for most of my adult life,” said Julian Williams. “The idea of being able to walk through the woods from Georgia to Maine, sleeping  in a tent and living out of a backpack was irresistible. For 2,160 miles and 188  days I hiked through 14 states and some of all four seasons. I experienced the end  of winter with freezing temperatures and snow in North Georgia and the Smoky  Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee; Spring in the Shenandoah Valley or  Virginia; the heat of Summer in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey  and New York; the hint of Fall in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and the  White Mountains of New Hampshire; and finally, freezing temperatures again in
Joe Ward has written several books about the people and events of  Jacksonville, Ga. Using notes he took along the way, his imagination,  knowledge of history and story telling ability, Ward chronicled the events of  my adventure in “Hike with Smoky Joe on the Unforgettable Appalachian
Joe Ward will speak at the July 19 meeting of the Friends of the Library at Jeff Davis Library at 6:30 p.m.

Jul-19-18 6:30 pm - Jul-19-18 8:00 pm