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Children’s Christmas Celebration Program

There are many children in the community whose lives are adversely affected by unfortunate circumstances including dysfunctional families and poor economic conditions. The children are not to blame for the circumstances they are in.
David and Gail Miller of Because He Lives Ministries have a burden to help the children. They will host the annual Children’s Christmas Celebration program Dec. 10 at 2 p.m. and 3:30 pm. The children of the community are invited to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with carols and the presentation of the Christmas story from the Bible.
Parents must register their children at the Mission Store for the event. And parents are required to attend the event with the children. Registration has begun.
Volunteers are needed to help with refreshments and passing out the gifts and candy bags. Also, monetary contributions are needed. Contact David or Gail Miller if you have concerns or questions.

Dec-10-17 2:00 pm - Dec-10-17 6:00 pm