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Hill publishes autobiography

A new autobiography by Hazlehurst native Jimmy Hill was recently released. Entitled “They Inspired Me: My Life Journey from Gardi to Tomahawk Mountain,” the book is available at If ordering from this site, Hill will autograph the book. The book is also available at all online major booksellers.
Hill has mentioned on Facebook about writing the book for nearly two years. There is lots of information on Hill’s website about his life journey and the journey to write the book. There are also photos, some of which are in the book and others which are not.
The first paragraph of the book description is: “The rural South shaped a boy of meager circumstances who rose to a career in a Fortune 500 company and beyond. His journey from living in a tar paper shack to living a life of service and accomplishments is well documented within this book. You will shed tears, laugh, learn, reflect, and meet some inspiring individuals. Learn how black pepper impacted his life!”
The last paragraph reads: “His life mission is based on the belief that we are put on this earth to serve others. His desire is that those who read this book might inspire others to look for opportunities to serve, inspire, and share their stories.”

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