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After The Storm – By John Reed

After The Storm
Thoughts after the storm:
Disasters have a way of making people behave differently…sometimes better, sometimes worse. A perfect example: local drivers who can’t figure out how to let each other get through McDonald’s new double drive-through lanes were perfectly capable of managing intersections with powered-down traffic lights.
Major kudos to both Georgia Power and Satilla EMC! While some customers lost power for a while, most of the community got off very lightly. Next time you pay your power bill, remember that pays the crewmen too.
What is it about bread? At the first hint of a hurricane or snowstorm, there’s always a run on bread in the grocery stores. Even the hot dog buns were gone this time.
Every time a big hurricane blows through, the usual arguments for and against global warming get louder. We won’t adapt to climate change by government fiat; only when there’s a profitable business model will something happen. Electric cars are growing in popularity now mainly because gas prices continue to rise, not because there’s a revolt against fossil fuels.
I think my best plan for climate change is to buy real estate in Greenland. Something tells me it’s going to be the next big thing.
There was a blissful break in political ads while the hurricane coverage was on. Hot blustery air of another sort is back at it, and it’ll only get worse as we lead up to Election Day.
Brian Kemp will make a stop here next Wednesday morning. At least his team understands little towns in South Georgia have concerns too. Anyone want to bet Stacey Abrams will find her way back from Hollywood to stop by here?
And now the wait for the next one. We all will let our guard down, and probably won’t take things any more seriously than we did the last time. We think we’re safe, so far inland. But as we’ve seen, hurricanes can reach us, and it’s only a matter of time before we get another one.

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