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Jeb’s Chokes Recognized

The Georgia House of Representatives recently recognized and commended Bobby Sears for the establishment of JEBS Precision Choke Tubes in 2011 in Hazlehurst. Bobby was able to patent the interior design of the shotgun choke tube alongside Jimmy Washam, and by changing the design of the tube, they were able to boast a definite increase in every aspect of the shooting and hunting industry to their customers.
Bobby won the company’s first World Championship at National Wild Turkey Federation’s World Invitational Shoot in 2011, and in 2014 he was able to win their second World Championship while simultaneously setting a new world record in his class. JEBS Precision Choke Tubes has progressively grown over the past seven years by winning 11 world titles in competition shooting, by setting five world records, and by increasing their competitive shooting team to 10 shooters.
JEBS has grown to be a 20,000 square foot facility with five machines that run full-time in order to keep up with demands of sales. JEBS’ choke tubes are now sold world wide and in most of the large sporting good store in the United States.

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